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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001191.txt from 1998/03

From: Bafra <>
Subj: Re: 1997 Baltimore S.O. 2nd clar audition
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 15:28:52 -0500

I just want to say that I WANT TO PLAY 2ND CLARINET "IN LIFE"!

I love playing second and it is very different from the "first" job... I've
done both and I enjoy so much more playing second... Takes different people
for different "job".

Also, for the thing about why they ask 1st clarinet parts in 2nd clarinet
auditions, I don't know because one can play 1st clarinet ecxerpts like a god
/ess and suck as a second or vice/versa... or everything's being well
played... I don't know... really...

My 2 cents,

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