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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001180.txt from 1998/03

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Subj: Sv: Benny Goodman mouthpiece
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 04:12:41 -0500

The BG Mouthpiece is a product of Selmer

It was mentioned in an advertisement in "The Metronome", May 1938

If you bought the BG moutpiece you would receive a 16-page Benny Goodman

I hope this will help

Jxrn Nielsen

Jxrn Nielsen
Kirkevfnget 10
DK-2500 Valby
Tlf. +45 - 36 16 69 61

| Fra: Rob Breen <>
| Til:
| Emne: Benny Goodman mouthpiece
| Dato: 24. marts 1998 17:42
| Just had a chat with a sax player friend who told be about an old
| Benny Goodman signature mouthpiece he's come across. He
| described it as having the initials BG in gold on the front where
| the opening in a Selmer ligature would be, and above that on the
| beak portion of the mouthpiece "Benny Goodman" in script.
| He's wondering if anybody out there has ever seen a mouthpiece
| like this and who might have made and when. Ring any bells
| with trivia wizards?
| Regards,
| Rob

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