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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000915.txt from 1998/03

From: "Elliot Oki" <>
Subj: Re: A conductor who doesn't "believe" in chairs
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 06:25:46 -0500

well sheesh your band sux then...and your section

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From: Josh-Boy <joshcole@-----.Edu>
Date: Saturday, March 14, 1998 11:07 PM
Subject: Re: A conductor who doesn't "believe" in chairs

>If an elephant falls, which suffers more: the elephant or the ground?
>On Sat, 14 Mar 1998, GrnShirt wrote:
>> Recently, I've discovered that the two clarinets who have been in
>> time competition with me and my stand partner are furious with us for not
>> giving them first part. The question is:
>First of all, I guess taking from what you said, "in long time
>competition," I would have to ask why they were really furious. Did they
>truly want the chance to play first part or did they just want to play
>"above" you? I know that sounds a bit -- well, wrong, but I know this
>from personal experience (Shouryu, you understand!!!) that sometimes long
>time competition can lead to petty rivalries and disputes.
>> Should we have assumed that these two players wanted to play first part
>> thougfh they seemed perfectly happy with second), or should we have
>> until they asked for it?
>Second of all, if they really had wanted to play first part before, they
>could have said something, at the least to your band director. I mean,
>seriously, it's kind of immature and impractical to assume that someone
>else knows what you want or can read your mind. Besides, we all know what
>happens when a person assumes, right? It makes -- well, you know the
>rest. :) ;-) These two should have realized that many times, people
>just don't hand you anything. Most times, you have to ask. And it's
>understandable. In our community band, I was content with playing
>second, third, and when applicable, fourth parts. Then our band director
>pulled out a piece on which I wanted to play first. And upon asking our
>section leader, voila!! I played first. In our community band, our part
>assignments were not based on chair or skill, but like your band was
>decided on what the players wanted to play. Most of the time, my private
>instructor played first part. Every once in a while, someone else played
>first. But like I said, that person had to request first to get it.
>Okay so now that I'm done rambling, back to Molly on the Shore, Dance
>Movements, and minor scales!!! ;-)
>Joshua M. Coleman
>(Under construction always because I have NO TIME to do anything with it!)
>If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to
>see it, do the other trees make fun of it?

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