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Subj: Re: Vandoren Mouthpiece
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 11:44:00 -0500

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<<How does Vandoren M13 mouthpiece compare to B45, is it for easier blowing?
What's the difference in tone quality(much darker?) and tip opening.
Eric Lin

The M13 is an entirely different animal than the B45. The B45 uses the
standard straight baffle of the Vandoren mouthpiece and a medium bore.
The M13 is a deep scoop, what I call a double concavity baffel in the
Chedeville tradition with a rather large bore.
It is low pitched and many players complain about playing flat with it,
especially in ensembles which tend to play higher than 440.
Using one may requre a shorter barrel for many players.
there are two facings on the M13, very close and one more like the 5RV Lyre,
which is a medium tip opening.
The baffel contour of the M13 is not as perfectly designed as the similar
style mouthpiece Hans Zinner produces in Germany, and Zinner's material recipe
produces a tone which is not bright and hard sounding like the Hamburg rubber
that Vandoren uses for all its' mouthpieces.
The Zinner is a mouthpiece that many makers in America are now using as the
basis for their finishing because of its' terrific bore and baffel design and
material properties.
Like the M13 however, the Zinner tends to be low pitched like the old
Chedeville's and the best ofthe Kaspars.
This, in very brief, is the way I understand these mouthpieces.
Hope this helps.

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