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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000366.txt from 1998/03

From: Roger Garrett <>
Subj: Re: Altimetry register
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 14:43:49 -0500

G, based on a fingering for a low Bb would be, in order of partials:

Low Bb - 1st, or fundamental partial
F (top line on staff) - 2nd partial
D - Altissimo - 3rd partial
G (actually G#) - 4th partial

If you have another partial to add somewhere in between, please feel free
to point it out and I will admit a mistake?


Roger Garrett

On Thu, 5 Mar 1998, Dee Hays wrote:

> Roger Garrett wrote:
> > .... The D is the 3rd partial up,
> > and the G (which you keep accidentally hitting) is the 4th partial up
> The G is the 5th partial not the 4th.
> Dee Hays
> Canton, SD

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