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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000235.txt from 1998/03

From: Rich & Tani Miller <>
Subj: re: marching band
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 16:57:40 -0500

All of the debate centering around high school marching band as an
activity is fruitless and erroneous. Marching band, in and of itself,
cannot be inherently good or evil, educational or noneducational. The
value of any performing ensemble is solely dependent on the musical
values and educational ethics of the music educator in charge. When
music educators sacrifice musical and aesthetic concepts and make
nonmusical goals the focus of a program, it does not matter whether that
program is inside or outside competitive or noncompetitive.
Conversely, when the musical and ethical judgment of the director is
sound, even the most banal pep tune can have some place in a program and
can have some educational worth.

It is well that we should not take sides on this issue which cause us to
become divided, critical, or catty as a profession. In society today,
it is important for musicians and music educators to hang together. For
if we do not, then as the saying goes "We will surely hang separately."
While lively discussion and sharing of ideas is an important part of our
professions and should be fostered, we must make sure that we express
our difference of opinion about accurate topics.

Marching band does not kill music education, only music educators can
kill music education.

Thanks for listening.

Richard Miller
Central Dauphin East High School
Harrisburg, PA

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