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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000151.txt from 1998/03

From: bkinlein <>
Subj: Re: "Marching to Oblivion"
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 12:21:25 -0500

I thought I was the only one wearing out my fingers on the "delete" key.
Can't someone get back to the clarinet?

Bart Kinlein

Agrenci wrote:
> "Marching to Oblivion"
> Each day I sit and download mail about the "klarinet."
> I don't write much, because I'm much too busy practicing, and yet,
> I always hope to find a thoughtful comment.
> But lately, now since Leeson's gone and no one writes of Mozart,
> Or Brahms, or Mahler, or of Strauss so heavy is my heart.
> I pray for change to come at any moment.
> For now it seems that all we ever talk of on this list
> Is whether our dear marching bands are right or wrongly "dissed:"
> A question of supremely profound portent.
> Of course, I'm sure, the day of our deliverance is at hand,
> When all will tire of this constant talk of marching band,
> And turn our thoughts to something more important.
> Until then I'll remain so firmly glued here to my seat
> And use unceremoniously the button marked "delete."
> But, fairly, I must mention a new topic.
> What does the little breath mark mean when used by French composers?
> To breath, or break, or take some time, or go home for a dozer?
> Or take a sweet vacation someplace tropic?
> Andy Grenci

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