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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000047.txt from 1998/03

From: Mark Hollingsworth <>
Subj: Re: Seeking Moondog -Reply
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 09:40:18 -0500

I listened to an interesting CD at Barnes and Noble last night; "Sax Pax for a
Sax", by Moondog with the London Saxophonia. All of the selections (except for
two solo piano pieces) were for sax ensemble (sounds like it included sopranino
and bass) and percussion. By "percussion" I mean a relentless pounding of the
beat on what sounds like native American tom-toms or water drums.
Unfortunately, I couldn't open the wrapper to obtain more info. Most of the
selctions were Jazz/Pop based in style and contrapuntal with an emphasis on
canonic devices. I liked some of the cuts, others I didn't. The best, in my
opinion was the first cut called "Dog Trot" (or "trot Dog", I don't remember) ,
and it is repeated at the end of the CD. I recommend the recording for those of
you interested in saxophone music with a taste of the bizarre! I didn't buy it;
my funds only allowed for one purchase and I opted for a recording of La
Clemenza di Tito.

A NOTE ABOUT TEACHING - Yesterday, a high school student of mine from McAlester
Oklahoma, Amy Condit, won the woodwind category of the Oklahoma City Orchestra
League Young Peoples Concerto Competition; she played the Weber Concerto No. 1
and the Poulenc Sonata. She recieves a cash prize and a future performance.
Those of you who have been teaching for awhile and have had students who have
won competitions know what a great joy this is! Those of you considering
teaching, trust me, you will feel great accomplishment when your students
perform in this manner. There are lots of contests out there, encourage your
students to participate!

Dr. Mark Hollingsworth
Assoc. Prof. of Clarinet
East Central University
Ada, OK

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