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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000018.txt from 1998/03

From: Jennifer Rose McKenna <>
Subj: Re: Marcel Dautremer
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 16:13:08 -0500

kewl...i'll make use of it..
thats really kewl, good stuff on sneezy as usual.
i appreciate it thankyou

On Sun, 01 Mar 1998 15:06:55 -0500 Mark Charette <>
> Followup:
> Went out today and bought my own copy of Baker's Biographical
> Dictionary of Musicians by Slonimsky. Marcel Dautremer didn't make
> the cut ...
> Why did I _buy_ it, some may ask? I've got an 8 and 13 year old at
> home with too much time on their hands. They are now tasked with
> looking up birth/death years for composers and musicians for the
> Sneezy databases. Keeps 'em out of trouble ...
> Which segues into another topic. Ken Shaw was kind enough to send
> me a copy of his extensive clarinet discography (more than 4000
> entries) and Michael Bryant is sending me monthly updates for the
> discography, as well as others who keep helping me fill in the gaps.
> I am in the middle of re-doing the discography database for easier
> maintenance (for all you computer/db people - Ken had a flat file,
> and I'm putting it into 3rd normal form - mostly by hand so I can do
> data checking). In 3 or 4 weeks the entire discography should be
> on-line, and easily searchable.
> The next phase will be intgration of the current composition database
> and discography. Looking up just about anything will retrieve both
> sources for music and recordings. The query language should be
> easier to use for the novice, and more powerful for the advanced user
> (the back-end for the databases is switching from WAIS to MySql and
> PHP 3.0 for those who care about such things).
> --
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> MIKA Systems, Inc.| their hands." - Eugene Ormandy
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