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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001118.txt from 1997/12

From: (Al Chiavarini)
Subj: Kenny G.
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 11:59:19 -0500

After attending the Kenny G. Concert last night at the Ruth Eckerd
Auditorium here in Clearwater Florida, I thought I would just pass a few

The Hall seats 2200 people and he played to a sold out house. Others in
the group included a piano-keyboard, two guitars and two percussion.

The staging was just magnificent. The lighting was spectacular. He
started his playing in the 35th row and walked across the house which was
94 seats wide at this point (I was seated in the 34th row,) down the
aisle on the other side of the house to the center of the auditorium. At
this point he started back across the house again (no center aisles in
the house) and then started his one note without a break routine. The
spacing between the rows is very wide. He would stop and shake hands with
his free hand.

I do not particticularly like his music but after dragging my better half
to many of my concerts, I agreed to take her to this concert. She is a
great fan of his.

He does doodle a lot but has great command of the horn. His technique is
superb. I really did enjoy what I would have called a legitimate jazz
number. His playing on this selection was far different than his normal
playing. The music was great.

I feel that Watching and hearing him play is far different than
listening to him as background music at home.

I can listen to about ten minutes of "Mood" music at home and then

Is he a "Musician?" I would have to say yes. He brought the house to
its feet twice and provided a great evening of entertainment and music
to all of the people there.

His composing might offend some people but then I have friends who feel
that Mozart is boring.

I also feel that it was worth the 102 bucks it cost me.

Al Chiavarini

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