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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001099.txt from 1997/12

From: "Benjamin Leon" <>
Subj: smooth or rough...Barrel -ing through..
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 17:01:58 -0500

So, I finally saved enough to purchase a Buffet R 13.
I have pretty good relations with a local music store, so I got to take 3 of
these R 13's home to try..
One of them feels great in the hands and is in decent tuning for my ears and
tuner. I'll call this "A".
"B" has a heavier feel in the action, which I know can be adjusted.
Intonation is also pretty good.
C is similar to the "A" in action but pitch is off a bit.

Here is my concern..
Clarinet "A" is rough/porous when you look through the tube length of the
Clarinet "B" is smooth (perhaps the term - FINISHED is a better choice) when
you look down the interior length of the clarinet.

Clarinet A has a small piece of wood at the end of the bottom joint, that is
prohibiting the bell from being put on completely.
This small area is about 1/2 the distance between the cork and the thicker
edge of the bottom joint.
Clarinet B has no defects here.

I like Clarinet A, but again it is not "finished on the inside and must have
the small amount of wood shaved off (for lack of a better statement) so that
the bell can fit on properly.

Clarinet B for the most part is complete except for an adjusment in the
mechanism (for Feel).

What other things should I look for?
I spoke to a WW repair person, and they said that there would be a stronger
possibility that the rougher/porous one would crack sooner than the other.

I am trying both at the moment, and have just taken a break to write this
letter to the list..
Clarinet C had a few rough spots that seemed to be strategically located at
the point where the clarinet connects to the other parts (upper to lower
joints, barrel and bell also had roush spots.

Perhaps, I am being overly critical, but I would like to see Buffet live up to
what I was purchasing the instrument for...QUALITY...



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