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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001051.txt from 1997/12

From: Mark Charette <>
Subj: Re: Want info about ClarinetFest
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 14:19:15 -0500

E.Farmer wrote:
> Please send any information on the ClarinetFest 1998. Thank you.

The ICA Web site has the link to the ClarinetFest 1998 page
( For the Web impaired :) here's a copy of the
overview page:

Clarinet Performance, Composition,
Scholarship and Technology - from
before Mozart until Tomorrow.

There's something for everyone at the 1998 ICA
ClarinetFest! For this special 25th anniversary, we've
planned a special festival. We're excited about our theme,
which will serve as a focus for many of the terrific events
on the program. In addition to concerts by the world's
greatest artists, we're happy to offer lecture presentations
on a variety of fascinating topics of relevance to all
clarinetists. Along with the theme-related events, there
will be plenty of the diversity in programming that has
made past festivals so successful and enjoyable. And,
Columbus is a great town to visit, with lots of possibilities
for fun. We're proud of our conference site, which
includes splendid concert venues, lovely hotels, and
deluxe dorm accommodations (private bath, phone, fridge
and microwave in every room!), along with fabulous
facilities for recreation. So please be sure to join us in
Columbus for a wonderful ClarinetFest!

The artistic climate of Vienna nurtured the early
development of the clarinet through the fruitful
collaboration of Mozart and his friend Stadler, the
virtuoso clarinetist. The music produced by this
successful association placed the clarinet securely within
the family of art instruments. CLARINETFEST 1998 will
celebrate this as well as other unique composer-performer
relationships that mark the development of the clarinet
and clarinet music through the Viennese Classic School
and beyond.

Focus Areas

Featuring a stellar array of American and international

Exploring the unique relation among composers,
performers, and instrument builders in the Viennese
Classic tradition with presentations of papers and period
instrument performers. Special emphasis will be placed
on Mozart and the artistic climate of Vienna in his time.

Music Cognition and Perception
With emphasis on expert classical and jazz performance.

Instrument Building and Woodwind Acoustics
Featuring presentations by manufacturers and
acousticians and encouraging presentations on the history
and development of instrument brands and related
important innovations.

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