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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000844.txt from 1997/12

Subj: Re: Solo Ensemble
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 11:24:19 -0500

I have do not have any arrangements of Handel in my clarinet quartet
library, nor have I received any recommendations. I only have one catalog
handy (I am at work after all) and it has six. Title?

Gary Van Cott
Las Vegas, NV

charette on 12/18/97 04:50:28 AM

Please respond to

cc: (bcc: Gary VanCott/NHIN)
Subject: Re: Solo Ensemble

Whatabari wrote:
> Hey ya all. I have a question. Where could I find a piece by Handel in
> Seattle area?
Hmmm - I didn't know Handel was in the Seattle area. Dead or alive :)
Or did you mean Darrell Handel, who has an octet out? I don't
have any reference to his whereabouts or whether he has a quartet.
> If you could give me a couple of places that might have the
> music. Oh yeah the music is for a clarinet quartet.
Considering that you forgot to give a title and I can't find
any clarinet quartet music by any Handel - how about trying the
PacBell yellow pages for music stores and getting on the telephone
with a few of the stores? Any store can find the music if they have
the title and composer, and order it if it's still in print.
J. W. Pepper is a reasonably complete on-line source for music,
and many other publishers are already on-line.
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