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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000746.txt from 1997/12

From: avrahm galper <>
Subj: Tuning the Orchestra
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 05:56:04 -0500

Tuning the Orchestra

This appeared in this morning's paper, the Globe and Mail.
The question is: which instrument is used in an orchestra to tune all
the instruments.
The answer came from Heather Jones of Montreal." The oboe is the
I have played the oboe for seven years and played in an orchestra for
five of them, at which time I was responsible for tuning the orchestra "
She tells us the instruments are tuned to the note of A and the tuning
is done in sections.
First the woodwinds are tuned, then the brass. Lower strings and then
the violins.
She says the oboe is a double reed instrument and can produce a sound
similar to that made by the duck. The oboe is used for tuning because it
can't really be tuned itself and oboist can hold a steady pitch.
It really comes down to being able to maintain an A for a long time and
have a good ear.
Tuning by the way is done just before the performance begins, after the
instruments have had a chance to warm up.
"Next time you go to concert," Ms Jones concludes," listen at the
beginning for the piercing A of the oboe, amid the rustling of the
people sitting next to you."

This is what the newspaper quoted. Any thoughts?

Avrahm Galper

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