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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000678.txt from 1997/12

From: avrahm galper <>
Subj: More Selmer wisdom
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 21:25:05 -0500

The Clarinet in the Band (Alexandre Selmer)
I would like to express an opinion concerning the use of the clarinet in
the concert band.
It is this: I believe it is hardly possible to get too many in a musical
ensemble of this description.
Europe is certainly more generous with clarinets in the formation of
bands than in America, yet even there they by no means over-balance the
It is an idea of mine that the clarinet in the band should be used as
much as the violin in the orchestra,a strong section of them, and let
them carry the greater part of the burden when the melody of the
composition is considered
This must not be construed to mean they must be debarred from the
harmony by any means.
They are extremely effective here as they are in smaller ensembles.
Bands with exceptionally large reed sections always produce a pleasing
tonal coloring that is missing in those with an insufficient number

Avrahm Galper.

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