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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000638.txt from 1997/12

From: SDM@-----. Morrow)
Subj: Re: Pioneer Rubber Gloves
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 10:17:49 -0500

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>From: Mark Charette <>
>To: klarinet <>
>Date: Friday, December 12, 1997 7:51 AM
>Subject: Pioneer Rubber Gloves
>>And you thought this had nothing to do with clarinets ...
>>>From an e-mail to me:
>>> Dear Mr sneezy
>>You just gotta love that greeting :)
>>> I am a student at the Cleveland Institute Of Music, studying with Frank
>>> Cohen and Linnea Nereim. Recently, Miss Nereim told me about a certain
>>> rubber glove that Marcellus used parts of for a patch on his
>>> mouthpiece. It was made by the pioneer company; the outer layer shiny
>>> black and the inner layer pink. I have tryed to get this material but
>>> no one seems to know were or who would have any of these. Maybe some
>>> one over there by you can help me.
>>> Ramon Wodkowski
>>Well, there no one over here by me that can help. I'm not sure I'd
>>want to wear a black & pink glove, either. Anyone ever hear of this
>>type of rubber glove?
>>Mark Charette
>This has come up before over the last three or four years (once with one of
>my postings). Many of us who studied in the sixties and seventies used those
>gloves (the pink was inside where no one could see). They were sold as work
>gloves in hardware stores before plastic became more popular, and they made
>great patches. Gigliotti used to cut them to shape and stick them on with
>saliva - after the spit dried the patch stayed there forever. Later he
>started using double sided tape to hold the patches down (and of course we
>who were studying with him at the time all did likewise). I asked here a
>couple of years ago if anyone knew where to get these gloves and someone
>posted the name of the company and some suggestions for finding them. Check
>the archives - back VERY far.

Perhaps you can't get the Pioneer rubber gloves anymore, but a quick glance
through the Fisher Scientific catalog shows no shortage of gloves made of
other materials (Neoprene) in thicknesses tto about 36mil for as little as
$4/pair (XL would probably last quite awhile!)


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