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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000512.txt from 1997/12

From: Mark Charette <>
Subj: Re: Poulenc Sonata
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 19:41:46 -0500

David S. Naden wrote:
> I recently performed the Poulenc on my masters recital, and during the entire time I
> was preparing the piece, I repaced a worn-out copy and purchased a backup. One copy
> purchased was the 8th edition, and the other was the 14th edition. This may not
> answer your question, but as new editions are prepared, corrections have been made.
> This is only an assumption, but with 14 editions since the original, it does make
> some sense.

The problem is really in the lack of annotations; it can
be very difficult to determine who added/subtracted/changed
what and why over the years. The Poulenc isn't very old, and
already it has acquired significantly different versions!

I have some pieces by Bach sitting at home (2 and 3
part Inventions) where the editor did a commendable job of
research and discussed where and why he made many
"corrections", what his sources were, and then printed
in small type (I forget what that's called) on the score
the differences from manuscript to manuscript. Not only
were the pieces presented, the history and editing was laid
clear. BTW - these were edited for piano, not clarinet.
The collection makes for interesting reading along with
the normal duty of presenting the musical notation.
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