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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000473.txt from 1997/12

Subj: Re: Student Level Clarinets
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 16:15:36 -0500

What don't you believe you are hearing. I never said that instraments
shouldn't be taken care of or that non-majors can't take care of
instraments. Heck they take care of them (oil wise) a little better than
a couple of majors I know. Bore oil twice a year and oil the keys (WD-40....
got to love it) once a month or two and swab after every not hard
at all. I will say, Jennifer, that you have come from an extreme situation
and school instraments usually are not taken care of as well in the high
schools and often in college. I have no idea when the last time out C,Ab or
alto clarinets have been oiled properly. The A clarinets could use so loving
also. When you don't own the instrament and it isn't what you use on an
everyday bases.....they sometimes get neglected. Esp. if they go a semester
or two in storage and don't get played and the dampets dry out.

Sean Talbot
music education major
Universtiy of Wisconsin - Whitewater

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