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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000456.txt from 1997/12

Subj: Re: Student Level Clarinets
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 09:10:36 -0500

Jennifer......I wouldn't call you spoiled......just to the
is unfortunate that only music majors play the instraments because that
indicates that either non-music major aren't interested there OR not
welcome. Most places the ensambles are open to everyone no matter if it
is audition or not. Now the majors have a great advantage because of
their constant involvement in music, but occasionally a non-major still
gets into an audioned ensemble because they have practiced a tad more than
someone else. Non-majors add good things to a music program even if it is
just in the marching band or concert band. The greatest study groups form
out of our marching band because all interests are represented. You struggle
in biology.....there are biology majors in there to help you.....math...ask
a math major to help.....and so on and so forth.
Now we never hesitate to get good school instraments because majors or
not...we take care of the instraments. Only war torn instraments are the
marching band equipment. (yes we have white Vito Dazzelers to go with the
uniforms) I would say that saying that you are spoiled because only majors
get to play the instraments is a little short sighted and you don't know
how nice it can be to involve the whole campus in music. I didn't think
anything of it but than Roger Garrett agreed with you and I sat here shaking
my head. Maybe we are spoiled to attract non-majors with very high skills
who still have a love of music and former music majors don't mind playing
with us still.

Sean Talbot
music education major
Universtiy of Wisconsin - Whitewater

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