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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000403.txt from 1997/12

From: Detlef Kretschmer <>
Subj: Re: Keywork material
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 09:09:43 -0500

>What is the difference (apart from the look) between nickel, silver
>and gold plated keywork.
>My fingers tend to be a little bit sweaty. Some keys on my nickel
>plated B-12 are getting slightly black (already after a few
>weeks). Polishing with a cloth helps a little bit, but on one key the
>upper layer now seems be deleted.
>Will I have less problems with silver plated keys? My teacher is of
>the opinion that I also will have problems with silver; gold would be
>better according to this problem.
>And: Are there quality differences between different, let say: silver
>Any opinions? Suggestions to fix the problem? Thanks
>Dirk Kussin
>Fachbereich 17 Mathematik Raum D2.323
>Universit@-----. (+49) (5251) 60-2636
>D-33095 Paderborn ---------

In general Nickel plating is a lot more resistant than silver plating,
especially against acids, assuming both are well done. Gold is practically
perfect against body fluids.
If you have problems with the nickel plating, I guess its more cosmetic
than a proper plating (no base plating - you cannot put any plating on any
metal, some do not adhere properly).
Go to a good plating shop, have the existing (remaining) plating removed
and the lot re-plated. It might take a base plating in copper or something
like this, the plating shop can advise you. Follow their advice.

Even gold plating shouldn't be expensive, the quantity of material is

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