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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000381.txt from 1997/12

From: Michael Bryant <>
Subj: Re: Companion for Till Eulenspiegel einmal anders?
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 09:09:21 -0500

Here is my choice:

Carl Nielsen Serenata Invano cl bn hn vc db 8 mins
Pub: Master Music Publications
Humorous. A group of village musicians play at a sweetheart's
window, but she ignores them, they go home (tempo di marcia)
drinking and merry just the same. One movement, written for
his friends from the Royal Chapel Orchestra in Copenhagen
on tour with the Schubert Octet.

Berwald Septet cl bn hn vn va vc db 20 mins
Pub: Barenreiter
A cheerful and effective work, if not already known to you
Only slightly difficult for the violin. In three movements with the
Scherzo embedded in the middle of the slow movement.

Hans Pfitzner Sextet cl vn va vc db pf 25mins
Pub: Oertel, Berlin 1947 out of print
Old fashioned romantic music for 1945, full of quirkiness and
unusual harmonies. I am assuming you have a pianist since
you mention the trio version of the The Solder's Tale.

6+8+20+25=59 minutes

-----Original Message-----
>From: Martin Pergler <>
>To: Klarinet mailing list <
>Date: 07 December 1997 18:26
>Subject: Companion for Till Eulenspiegel einmal anders?

>A bunch of us want to perform the Franz Hasenohrl chamber "arrangement" of
>Strauss' Till Eulenspiegel. It's for cl, violin, horn, bassoon, and
>double bass and named "Till Eulenspiegel einmal anders".
>It's about 6 mins long (but quite a workout)
>My question: what to put on a 30-50 minute noontime recital along with it?
>It should involve some of the same instruments and not too many others,
>and fit within the spirit or at least not be against it. (I read the
>Hasenohrl as definitely meant with a smile but not guffawing laughter.)
>It could be a bunch of shorter pieces. Clarinet does not *have* to be
>involved, though I'd like to play for more than 6 minutes just like the
>rest of us!
>I've thought of doing a wind/string septet, but the Beethoven is
>too long (and maybe too serious as a partner). The only other
>septet I've played is an early one by Bruch and I just didn't find
>it overly interesting (and the strings even less). Others?
>I also thought of the Histoire du Soldat suite in the version for
>violin, clarinet, and pno (link on the alternate instrumentation
>theme), but I only glanced at the parts for that a couple of
>years ago and I don't really know what it's like. I rather
>suspect it would be a workout too and I'm not sure if we
>(=me, the violinist would have no trouble) could pull both
>off at the same time.
>Any suggestions? Has anyone on the List done this piece? What else
>did you have on the program?
>Thanks, Martin
>(To clarify, the program does not have to be centered musically on
>the Till Eulenspiegel. Just, for better of worse, it's what's bringing
>the five of us together. We think it would be fun to do somewhere
>Martin Pergler
>Grad student, Mathematics
>Univ. of Chicago

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