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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000368.txt from 1997/12

From: Roger Garrett <>
Subj: Re: Companion for Till Eulenspiegel einmal anders?
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 09:09:08 -0500

this work was recorded by John Yeh and the Chicago Pro Musica Ensemble.
You might go to that CD to find program notes. I have it at school....I
will check if I remember to look!

Roger Garrett

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Martin Pergler wrote:

> A bunch of us want to perform the Franz Hasenohrl chamber "arrangement" of
> Strauss' Till Eulenspiegel. It's for cl, violin, horn, bassoon, and
> double bass and named "Till Eulenspiegel einmal anders".
> It's about 6 mins long (but quite a workout)
> My question: what to put on a 30-50 minute noontime recital along with it?
> It should involve some of the same instruments and not too many others,
> and fit within the spirit or at least not be against it. (I read the
> Hasenohrl as definitely meant with a smile but not guffawing laughter.)
> It could be a bunch of shorter pieces. Clarinet does not *have* to be
> involved, though I'd like to play for more than 6 minutes just like the
> rest of us!
> I've thought of doing a wind/string septet, but the Beethoven is
> too long (and maybe too serious as a partner). The only other
> septet I've played is an early one by Bruch and I just didn't find
> it overly interesting (and the strings even less). Others?
> I also thought of the Histoire du Soldat suite in the version for
> violin, clarinet, and pno (link on the alternate instrumentation
> theme), but I only glanced at the parts for that a couple of
> years ago and I don't really know what it's like. I rather
> suspect it would be a workout too and I'm not sure if we
> (=me, the violinist would have no trouble) could pull both
> off at the same time.
> Any suggestions? Has anyone on the List done this piece? What else
> did you have on the program?
> Thanks, Martin
> (To clarify, the program does not have to be centered musically on
> the Till Eulenspiegel. Just, for better of worse, it's what's bringing
> the five of us together. We think it would be fun to do somewhere
> somehow!)
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Martin Pergler
> Grad student, Mathematics
> Univ. of Chicago

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