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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000253.txt from 1997/12

Subj: Re: clarinets for beginners who want to be better
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 1997 08:22:25 -0500

I can't remember all the instruments you mentioned originally, but a new
Buffet-Evette E-12 is $889 (WW and BW) and a Lablanc Sonata is $985. You
can get a used R-13 for this or less, and can probably find a used Leblanc
(not the current top of the line but an older pro instrument) for even

I know that kids (and adults) love to have new instruments, but I think you
should always try to get the most for your money.

Gary Van Cott
Las Vegas, NV on 12/05/97 05:08:21 PM

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Subject: Re: clarinets for beginners who want to be better

I bought my first pro horn in 10th grade, but only because the price was
right and I knew that I was going to major in that area... I could never
expect a 9th grader to foot that kind of money out, let alone think that
far into the future!
The level of clarinet purchased has been primarily based on the financial
situation for all of my students. I have some of my best students on the
worst horns because they are lucky to even have a clarinet and a good
This particular 9th grader mentioned is playing on an Armstrong which came
with a 61mm barrel (yes I measured it) and is so far out of tune (even with
a 66mm barrel) just about any other horn would be an improvement! Her
parents have been saving for almost a year to get her the best they can....
This will be a Christmas this girl will never forget, and am elated that
she is replacing that Armstrong!
> Jennifer wrote,
> I have a student trying these next week or so plus the Leblanc Sonata,
> which I had them order out of curiosity! She is in 9th grade...
> ***
> In my opinion, a (serious) student in 9th grade should buy a used
> professional clarinet (if they can't afford a new one). Anything
> at this age will probably be used through high school and into college.
> Gary Van Cott
> Las Vegas, NV

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