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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000147.txt from 1997/12

From: "Tahna Britton" <>
Subj: Re: De Peyer
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 12:40:01 -0500

Makes sense to me. It would be improper to play Dixeland music with the
same tone and style as a Mozart ( for example) piece. The style that the
composer had in mind should be strived for.

> From: J. Shouryu Nohe <>
> To:
> Subject: Re: De Peyer
> Date: Thursday, December 04, 1997 4:54 PM
> Sort of a reply to Dan:
> I shall first start off by stating that what I am about to say is my
> opinion, and that's all. You may also consider it a vague shot in the
> dark.
> While a tone should represent your voice, etc etc, I feel that a true
> performer should know how to play with the correct, classical standard
> that we constantly get pounded upon--"Why don't you sound like that all
> the time???" and stuff. The reason I say this, is that as a performer, I
> want the audience to hear my style, my voice, yes...but what they should
> hear first is Mozart's voice, Rossini's voice, Weber's voice, etc.
> I believe the personal creativity and uniqueness of playing should
> NEVER come at the sacrifice of the composers original intentions.
> Remember, oftimes some of the audience to don't come to hear Bob Smith
> live with the Alabama Banjo Choir. They come to hear the works--the
> music, not the performer, draws me to the concert. And I expect to hear
> the music as it was written--as the composer intended. And the vast
> majority of clarinet works written were written with the full, focused,
> rich tone in mind. I feel if you do not play these works with such a
> sound, then you are not doing the composer any justice--rather, you just
> want to show off your fast fingers (as the case often is).
> Like I said, my opinion. I shall grab some fireproof clothing, as I do
> not doubt that flames may surely be headed my way...
> Shouryu
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> changing EVERYTHING!!! A new signature with new and improved design! A
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> (This does not mean, however, that Shouryu has a girlfriend yet.)

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