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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000138.txt from 1997/12

From: dap@-----. Paprocki)
Subj: Re: De Peyer
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 12:39:52 -0500

I grew up listening to a number of De Peyer recordings. I felt
that his Rossini Intro, Weber 2, and Spohr 1 were fantastic (tone,
technique, etc). I also worshiped the sound and playing of Russ Dagon
(Milwaukee Sym). A couple of years ago I heard Gervase live in recital at
the Oklahoma conference. I was sitting with a colleague (a teacher/artist
at one of the TOP music schools in the US). He imediately got up and left
- he couldn't stand the TONE. I stayed and listened to the whole recital.
Yes, sometimes his tone would lose focus and I wouldn't want to sound like
that but that isn't the point. Sound or tone is a personal thing, like
one's own voice. Why do we all want to sound like Marcellus or Wright or
Leister? Is there only ONE way the clarinet should sound? I've heard
some principal clarinets in this country that I wouldn't want to sound
like, does that make their playing bad?
I felt that DePeyer did have technique and made a musical
statement. So what if his tone wasn't what we are used to - it's how he
wants to sound - is there a law against freedom of expression in clarinet
tone? DePeyer is a legend in the clarinet world. He has commissioned a
number of pieces for clarinet. As far as his ego, I felt he was very
cordial after his recital or whenever he was approached in Oklahoma. If he
had an ego, I didn't notice it. The clarinet world has some egos that are
far more obnoxious than his.
I guess I'll have to pull out my old records and re-listen to his
recordings and see if I missed something. I'll report back.



Daniel A. Paprocki

Instructor of Clarinet
Kent State University - Stark Campus
Malone College


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