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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000906.txt from 1997/09

From: Michael Bryant <>
Subj: Savalyev?
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 11:08:16 -0400

Here is curious story that some one may be able to clarify.

It is possible that some of you have the CD of wind music recorded
by the Emsemble Viento at Portland State University, Oregon, Centaur
CRC2211 issued in 1995. One of the wind quintets on it is identified as
a Suite by Leonid Sabaneyev. It is a good work. I could not find it in
of the reference books of which a have a fair selection. I therefore
wrote to the quintet asking if the music was published and where
(Sabaneyev was widely travelled). At my second attempt I had a reply
from their bassoonist, a professor emitus of the university. Basically
he said that it was published but now out of print and no more than
that. He might publish it himself some time.

I have now found the music after some difficulty and good luck. It
exists as a quintet and also as a wind quartet without horn, lacking the
movement in which the horn has the solo part.

It is called a Suite and it was published in the Soviet Union. However I
was surprised to find that the composer was not the notorious music
critic, Leonid Sabaneyev (1881-1968) but B. Savalyev, unless he used a
pen name. That is why it could not be found so easily! Savalyev does not
appear in any reference book that I know. Could anyone tell me who he
was? And why the deception?

Michael Bryant

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