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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000848.txt from 1997/09

From: Ken Bryson <>
Subj: Reed sins
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 20:08:31 -0400

Avrahm Galper's story about the reed theft by one of the "top teachers"
in the States and Don Witt's story of malicious reed destruction by
Tabuteau (should I know this name?) have posed a question in my mind. .
. . which is the greater sin, theft by the teacher of a student "dream"
reed, or destruction by the teacher of the "dream" reed? Why?

My initial feeling is that theft of the reed may actually make a certain
kind of sense, given that the teacher is presumably a better clarinetist
than the student, and therefore has perhaps a greater claim on the top
equipment, although obviously other points could be argued. But to
smash a good reed is incomprehensible and to smash a "really good" reed
seems to me to be exhibiting a death wish and a basic lack of respect
for the finest and most rare things of this world. Someone who could
smash a really good reed is capable of anything--knocking the nose off
Michaelangelo's Pieta, torturing puppies, something like that.

I welcome other points of view.

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