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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000816.txt from 1997/09

Subj: Re: Washing Mouthpieces
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 22:19:38 -0400

Absolutely! I really like the suggestion about using a Q-tip swab to clean
out the corners (ie.under the baffle (sloping roof of the wind-way); if
not, a nasty orange-ish bacteria can build up. And those using plastic
film cans half-filled with water to wet their reeds beware; if even if you
regularly empty and let air-dry your containers, still wash out with soap
and water, and run a kleenex around the rim at the bottom, same stuff
likes to hide there!

Peter Stoll
Instructor of Clarinet and Chamber Music
University of Toronto

On Tue, 16 Sep 1997 wrote:

> Peter,
> You know if you wash a hard rubber mouthpiece in hot water it will discolor
> the mouthpiece permanently. Turns a greenish brown - I think, I am color
> challenged. Best to wash in only warm water.
> In a message dated 97-09-13 06:43:28 EDT, Peter Stoll write:
> <<
> Could be either leftover saliva in the mouthpiece, or the smell of the
> rubber...although they look like plastic, many mpc's are actually
> hardened rubber, and especially if washed in hot water, will emit a
> rubbery smell...what most players do is to wash out the mpc after playing
> in lukewarm water, then let air not pull a swab through, this can
> scratch the mpc bore, rather for extra cleaning, take a kleenex, twirl one
> corner to make the tissue a long cone, and pull this through. Should also
> help keep down bacteria (a stored mpc after playing is a dark, damp
> environment, perfect for bacteria)...hope this helps!
> Peter Stoll
> Instructor of Clarinet and Chamber Music
> University of Toronto
> >>

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