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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000604.txt from 1997/09

Subj: Re: Quartet/Trio Question
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 02:30:38 -0400

Gary VanCott=NHIN
09/11/97 08:14 AM
I would like to second Craig's nomination of the Grundman "Bagatelle"
(published by Boosey & Hawkes). I have often thought this would be a great
piece for high school festival use. It has tempo changes, interesting
rhythms, dynamics, etc. Also the first and second parts are more difficult
than the third and fourth which may help in some cases.

Another somewhat similar piece for four clarinets is David Bennett's
"Prelude and Scherzo" (Carl Fischer). In this work, the parts are similar
in difficulty and the fourth part is very important. The first clarinet
also has a cadenza.

My quartet also read through Gordon Jacob's "Scherzetto, Pavane and Gopak"
(Emerson) for the first time last week. It might be a possibility.

If you have the time, I would recommend getting at least a half dozen
pieces and work on building some ensemble skills.

Gary Van Cott
Las Vegas, NV

cegc on 09/10/97 06:01:41 PM

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cc: (bcc: Gary VanCott/NHIN)
Subject: Re: Quartet/Trio Question

Well, I like Bagatelle by Clare Grundman (Quartet). It's a grade four
in the state of Florida, which you and I are both in, so it would be
suitable for state contest eligibility. Also Pollywogg's Lake Talk by
Barry Ulman is an entertaining Quartet, also a grade four. It's 120
M.M. and a pretty cool piece. I took it to state and got superior, and
the judges reacted well to the piece as well.
Beyond that, I haven't done too much, but I'd love to hear some others
suggestions, as I'm searching for a new piece myself!
Craig Countryman
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