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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000555.txt from 1997/09

From: Bill Hausmann <>
Subj: Re: mouthpieces (yes, I said it)
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 20:22:38 -0400

At 07:07 PM 9/8/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I am seriously considering buying a new Buffet R-13. I am a sophomore in
>high school. Anyway, I have a Rovner ligature and use Vandoren V-12 reeds
>or Grand Concert reeds. I have a $20 plastic mouthpiece and a B-45
>mouthpiece. I like the plastic one better. I find that the B-45 has a
>sort of stuffy sound that I don't like. Has anyone had a similar
"Stuffy" is not a description I have heard used to describe a B45 before!
But I understand your feelings about the plastic mouthpiece. I currently
play a Selmer C85, but my #2 mouthpiece is a B45. My #3 is a Selmer
Goldentone, about the cheapest name-brand mouthpiece you can buy!
Actually, in my most recent experiments, I have decided that I don't like
the Rovner ligature for alto sax because it CAUSED a stuffy sound. It
works well on the clarinet C85 though, which tends to be a little shrill
without it.

Bill Hausmann
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