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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000426.txt from 1997/09

From: elspeth4@-----. Grant)
Subj: Re: Selmer Repair (continued)
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 1997 03:26:16 -0400

On Sun, 7 Sep 1997 18:42:00 -0500 (CDT) Roger Garrett
<> writes:
>On Sun, 7 Sep 1997, Alexis L. Grant wrote:
>> >Either way, $2325 vs. $2000 isn't as big a difference as Bill
>> >makes it out to be.

>> Where do you get this idea? As someone said, those of us who are
>> amateurs, especially *young* amateurs, as in still in high school,
have a
>> hard enough time making $325 that I don't think we'd call it a small
>> difference in price.

>If a person is going to spend $ makes sense to spend an
>additional amount to get it working like it should. The bottom line
>is....regardless of why the do or don't, Buffet does not sell the horn
>peak condition. If you are not at a level to feel the difference, why
>a Buffet to begin with?

I didn't say I wouldn't feel the difference. Never having bought a "new"
new clarinet, I simply haven't had this particular experience yet. I
don't know if I would know the difference now, though I hope so, but
since I'm not planning to buy a "new" new clarinet until I can afford
one, the point is moot for the moment. By the time that happens (probably
a few years, at this rate), I _really_ hope I'll be able to tell the
difference. And if I was going to spend $2000, as I have said, I would
consider that quite enough and really wish the manufacturing standards
didn't make spending more money a good idea.

>However, I will reiterate, I have had many,
>many high school students buy new and used Buffet R-13's and had new
>instrument service done....sooner or later, you will have the service
>done...but by the time it is 8-9 years old and needs a major overhaul,
>work that could have been done initially to preserve it will not be able
>to be done because of the wear and tear and lost metal. These are
>facts...I am not trying to convince you to buy and then service.

I know that. This is a perspective discussion, not a commercial one. I am
certainly not going to contradict you when you are presenting facts; I am
simply presenting my opinion of those facts, which, essentially, comes
down to "It's a bummer that the manufacturer doesn't arrange to have the
clarinets made better somehow."
And having now cleared up our perspectives on the issue, I would consider
the discussion over :-).
Except, that is, regarding Bill's suggestion to boycott much
effect do you think that would have....LOL

Best of luck to you!


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