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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000388.txt from 1997/09

Subj: Re: "Blueprinting" Clarinets & Bill Hausmann's comments
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 1997 17:49:15 -0400

Gary VanCott=NHIN
09/08/97 10:10 AM
Bill Hausmann wrote:
I suggest we all boycott Buffet (and anybody else who sends junk out of the
factory) until they decide to upgrade their quality control!

Personally, I am not planning to do this. However, it is my perception that
the marketing efforts of the major clarinet makers are really rotten, and
that this especially applies to Buffet with their very confusing array of
clarinet models.

While we have a number of dealers on the klarinet list, we do not, as far
as I know, have any representatives of the manufactures (there was once a
Lablanc rep--a trombone player--but he dropped off quite a while ago). I
think this would be a useful place for them to correct misconceptions,
answer questions, and receive feedback on their products.

Gary Van Cott
Las Vegas, NV

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