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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000339.txt from 1997/09

From: "David C. Blumberg" <>
Subj: re:vibrations - oh not again!
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 1997 21:02:05 -0400

I put a bracket{{{{ around what I agreed about what Roger Garrett wrote. I
have yet to play a plastic clarinet that could hold a candle to my Buffet
Prestige R-13's.... PERIOD. If you can duplicate the dimensions, and mass
produce it to sound the same - I'll be the first to order it!!!!! Then I'll
get a Bass and an Eb to play outside in the snow with. ;)

> Roger Garrett wrote:
> >What the below says so well is great! What is ommitted and is important
> >to note is that most other plastic clarinets are not Composite
> >Plastics.....therefore, the instrument Buffet has come up with is
> >remarkably different from a standard plastic clarinet that does not have
> >the wood chips/dust etc. as part of its material. {{{{ Most people will
> >that the material itself is important in providing a resonating
> >chamber}}}}....and the Composite Plastic quality is much closer to a wood
> >clarinet in this regard than other plastic clarinets.

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