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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000326.txt from 1997/09

From: Roger Garrett <>
Subj: Re: Selmer Repair (continued)
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 1997 19:42:00 -0400

On Sun, 7 Sep 1997, Alexis L. Grant wrote:

> >better. Either way, $2325 vs. $2000 isn't as big a difference as Bill
> >makes it out to be.

> Where do you get this idea? As someone said, those of us who are
> amateurs, especially *young* amateurs, as in still in high school, have a
> hard enough time making $325 that I don't think we'd call it a small
> difference in price.

If a person is going to spend $ makes sense to spend an
additional amount to get it working like it should. The bottom line
is....regardless of why the do or don't, Buffet does not sell the horn in
peak condition. If you are not at a level to feel the difference, why buy
a Buffet to begin with? You do mention that should probably
follow your own best advice! However, I will reiterate, I have had many,
many high school students buy new and used Buffet R-13's and had new
instrument service done....sooner or later, you will have the service
done...but by the time it is 8-9 years old and needs a major overhaul, the
work that could have been done initially to preserve it will not be able
to be done because of the wear and tear and lost metal. These are
facts...I am not trying to convince you to buy and then service.

> I'm not even planning to buy a new Buffet R13, just because they are
> really expensive and I'd rather find a used horn or a less expensive
> model that I liked a lot. Especially now that I've heard I ought to pay
> $325 and some more shipping costs to get it to its best condition.
> And I don't think I'm overstepping bounds of experience here. I'm not
> questioning the validity of the service or the truth of what you say
> about Buffet. I just don't want to pay anything more for an
> already-expensive clarinet that wasn't made to work its best in the first
> place.

You are certainly within your rights to decide not to buy one!


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