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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000304.txt from 1997/09

From: elspeth4@-----. Grant)
Subj: Re: treble clef
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 1997 14:06:11 -0400

It might not make logical sense to mix treble clef with soprano clarinet,
but I've noticed that "soprano clarinet" isn't in common usage for Bb
clarinet. Also, the clarinet commonly requires more ledger lines on the
top of the clef (as Mike Nichols notes in his posting regarding violists'
use of alto and treble clef), especially if the composer is using the
high range prominently (it's possible to have the clarinet play up to a
concert Bb two octaves above third space concert Bb). But lower than the
clef for Bb clarinet, there's only three ledger lines necessary.
Therefore, moving the clef down makes very little sense. Of course, if
you forget extended range such as one might find in Spohr (the only place
I've ever seen that concert Bb written) it would make a little more
sense. And because A, alto, and bass clarinets have an extended range in
the lower register, they might like it, except that it would require
learning an extra clef.


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On Sat, 06 Sep 1997 14:16:07 -0400 Mark Charette <>
> wrote:
>> This thing is not about a better fit or not. I've done a little
>> and I found out that mainly people from Holland use the name soprano
>> clarinet. It is so logical, why don't you go with this. I've asked
>> great clarinet players, some great musicians,... and I am going to
>> check with my Music Theory teacher and Dr. Robert Spring.
>But Bert - the treble clef *is not* the soprano clef!! We
>use a treble clef; 2nd line G. The soprano clef is 1st line middle C.
>Why don't we call the soprano clarinet a treble clarinet? I
>do not find the mix of our current treble clef with a soprano
>clarinet logical.
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