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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000052.txt from 1997/09

From: (Audrey Podmore)
Subj: Re: Embellishment in Classical Repertoire
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 1997 10:34:57 -0400

I'm very grateful to Dan for his authoratative replies to my questions. I,
certainly, like the idea of doing something with Shepherd On The Rock and
wonder if there are any relevant recorded performances. Someone also suggested
that I get hold of Pamela Weston's (Fentone) edition of the Weber variations.
Apparently, the Adagio gives both what Weber wrote and Baermann's
interpretation of it.

Searching through my library (most of which has been sight-read and then
consigned to a dark cupboard!) I found the, rather tuneful, 'Sonatine' by
Caroline Schleicher-Kramer (1794 -1837). It seems she was the first woman
clarinettist known by name. The sonatina was published in 1825 but I suspect it
would still be a suitable case for this treatment because it contains a
smattering of turns and a one bar 'cadenza' in the slow movement. Unless, of
course, somebody out there knows better!


On Fri 29 Aug 97 (11:10:13),
>I was most interested in the exchange of ideas about ornamentation and
>> improvisation in performing classical repertoire. Never having had
>> pretensions at becoming a professional performer, it was not
>something that
>> featured in my clarinet studies, beyond interpretation of the few
>> encountered in my pieces. I would now like to explore some of these
>ideas in
>> preparing some things for music society concerts, etc. I'd appreciate
>advice on
>> three points;
>> 1) Does this argument for additional embellishment extend into early
>> century repertoire?
>Up to Schubert, at least including Shepherd on the Rock, Beethoven
>> 2) How late can one justify employing principles derived from a study
>> Mozart? If it is appropriate to embellish, but too late for
>> principles, where can one learn more?
>Safely to around 1820, after that the practice was abandoned.
>> 3) Can anyone recommend some repertoire for clarinet and piano
>suitable for
>> this sort of study/performance?
>Weber, Schubert, Stamitz, you name it.
>> Thanks, in advance,
>> Audrey

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