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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000764.txt from 1996/04

From: salozano@-----.ORG
Subj: I apologize to all regarding this post and its emp
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1996 03:44:51 -0400

e brings up a great topic. Salt Lake City and the recording industry.

If a gig pays overscale, do it. At the same time, while you were still
in the union, a good thing would have been to file a contract and
collect benefits,(health, welfare and pension) You say you were making
twice as much? Great, you got the gig.

As far as the recording aspect. You said...." contractors
""discovered""Salt Lake City and began contracting recording work. They
were able to get Utah Symphony people for half the hourly rate paid LA
studio people and they were just as happy with the results..

Were they? OK. It was actually the production companies that wanted to
go to Salt Lake because someone said they would work at that rate. But
these motion pictures, television shows and CD recordings were not
paying the musicians any special payments. Something you get when:
a movie goes to video
a television show gets re-aired
the sales of Compact Discs.

Can you imagine if one of those movies done in Salt Lake City went on a
ding, that's even more money for those musician's for years to come!!!
e time payment. That money is good. Don't get me wrong. But, if some of
those musicians did 5,10 or 20 of those projects under contract, they
checks they would be getting NOW, would be awesome.
was trying to take away their chance to make money.
happy ending for everyone. You continue to do what you love to do and
make a living. Right?
ditional scales have made it possible to record under union contracts
and once again, pay musicians everything they deserve.
ric. I am happy that you or anyone can play their instrument and make
money. No matter what the situation. You have stated that you are not
in the union and that choice I respect. I am in the union here in Los
Angeles and I am starting to see results from the recording industry
that were established by union memebers a long time ago. I am not a
board member or an officer of the union. I am just telling you from
hands on experience, that this system works for me. Your situation is
different and I understand your beef with the union. The fact that you
brought recording got my attention.

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