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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000743.txt from 1996/04

From: Ed Lowry <72122.3073@-----.COM>
Subj: Re: Denner D Clarinet
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 15:24:54 -0400

Jacqueline is right, insofar as there's at least one Molter concerto.
I obtained a copy of the Molter Concerto in A scored for Clarinet in D
and Piano from Byron Hoyt in San Francisco. I think it comes with parts
for D clarinet and A clarinet; needless to say, the A part is stratospheric.
(If there's interest, I'll check the publisher tonight). This concerto is
recorded on a koch/schwann Musica
Mundi CD, Schwann CD 316 008 F1 as well.

Ed Lowry

From: Jacqueline Eastwood <eastwooj@-----.EDU>
Subject: Re: Denner D Clarinet
Comments: To: Stephen Gregory <>
Comments: cc: Multiple recipients of list KLARINET
To: Multiple recipients of list KLARINET <KLARINET@-----.BITNET>

Hi, James,

I *think* there are three concerti by Johann Melchior Molter that were
originally scored for clarinet in D. Best place to check would be the
Rendall book. Where you might get the music I haven't a clue, but at
least it's a start!

Jacqueline Eastwood
University of Arizona/Arizona Opera Orchestra

On Thu, 25 Apr 1996, Stephen
Gregory wrote:

> I am James Instone (I'm borrowing Stephen's e-mail to ask). I'm an
> itinerant music teacher in high schools here in Christchurch. While
> in England a few years ago visiting my grandparents I bought a Brian
> Ackerman replica of a Denner D clarinet (two-keyed) but I cannot find
> much if any music to play on it. Can anyone help?
> Thanks in anticipation,
> James.
> Christchurch
> New Zealand

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