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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000496.txt from 1996/04

From: Paolo Ravaglia <peval@-----.IT>
Subj: Re: Oiling regularity
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 15:33:31 -0400

>Whilst we're on the topic of oiling I have a question. I have a pair of
>6-keyed boxwood clarinets made in 1994 which I used to oil about every four
>months. Since moving to England six months ago, from the east coast of
>Australia, I have oiled them once. Last November I noticed a 17mm crack in
>the top joint of the Bb which was probably the instrument's reaction to my
>practising it in cold rooms. At least now I am careful to leave the
>instrument to adjust to the room's temperature before I start. How often do
>you seasoned 'northern hemisphere dwellers' oil your clarinets? What about
>boxwood instruments?
>Thanks and best wishes,
>Ingrid Elizabeth
Dear Ingrid,
as you know, the problem of cracks involves either quick changes of temperature,
either the quality of wood (seasoning?).
I owe three chalumeaux (rosewood) and one boxwood clarinet (7 keys) and I
never had
problems (very very lucky!)
Of course I try to avoid repentine changes of degrees and I oil them (not
too much)
but I think it's a good thing thanking the craftsman who choosed the right wood.
I hope your instruments will be repaired well.
The sound of old clarinets is fantastic.

Do you have chalumeaux too??


Paolo Ravaglia Roma Italy
(Music is life; good music is real life!!)

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