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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000428.txt from 1996/04

From: juliek@-----.ORG
Subj: Jazz Bass Clarinet
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 20:02:52 -0400


I have a recording of Ron Odrich with Clark Terry. It is a duet
album, it is a music minus one for trumpet. One side is Clark
Terry and Ron Odrich with the rhythm section and the other side
is minus trumpet. It has some incredible jazz bass clarinet
solos. Odrich plays in 4 octaves on the bass. He played with
Eddie Daniels at the Oklahoma Clarinet Symposium last June.
The record was recorded in 1974 on CAMERICA RECORDS. Hope this helps.
Julianne Kirk

IB>It is time for me to open this to this entire list: I have gone as
IB>far as I can on my own. I am puttin together an annotated
IB>discographical-type list of recordings which feature
IB>improvised bass clarinet solos, and i need to here from each
IB>of you privately and individually as to what you have in
IB>your collections that i may have missed.This was originally a
IB>one semster project including some transcriptions of my
IB>findings, but it has turned much bigger than i expected.
IB>I have spoken to some experts on jazz , on the bass clarinet, and
IB>even one on the jazz bass clarinet who was tight with Eric
IB>Dolphy, ( Ken McIntyre) and many are caught short as to many
IB>recorded examples beyond Eric. My biggest problem has been
IB>with filling in the gaps between Harry Carney (from whom I
IB>have only ONE solo, in spite of his legendary doubling on the
IB>instrument which was more section playing, i guess) and Eric
IB>Dolphy. PLease send only non-Dolphy findings as he has been
IB>extensively "discographed" and i should have him covered
IB>with your kind indulgence i will list briefly some names that i have
IB>found info on, but no recordings THINGS I CAN'T FIND the
IB>first Buddy Defranco's "Blues Bag" album from 1964 with Art
IB>Blakey he plays all bass on this album and my last
IB>resource for finding this is Buddy himself
IB>PLEASE: anyone have this record? Other people and sometimes
IB>who they supposedly played with Martin Glaser with Mary Lou
IB>Williams circa 1943-50 (anyone know a women's jazz piano
IB>record collecting web site?)
IB>Benny Goodman with the Hotel Commodore Dance Orchestra, 1931
IB> "Lucille"
IB>Fred Stuice with the Tommy Dorsey Orch. circa 1935,
IB> "Take Me back to my boots and Saddle"
IB>Andrew Brown with Cab Calloway Orch 1938-40
IB> "Moonglow"
IB>Paul Whiteman and Shep Fields used the instrument: any solos you know
IB>Jimmy Abato with the Glenn Miller band Hammiet Bluiett? (I
IB>thought he mostly played alto, whereas De Murray was
IB>the bass man), but i read that he played some bass
IB>Anthony Braxton: any actual bass not contra, bass clarinet solos on
IB>Willem Breuker
IB>John Surman
IB>Gunter Hampel
IB>Pharoah Sanders (?) again i read this I won't waste time
IB>with what i do have because i welcome repeats to my
IB>list , i think it will be interesting to see who has what anyway,
IB>so please please get back to me anyone and everyone who has anything,
IB>especially grant green (not the guitarist) and alan saul, if you are
IB>out there, please help me out on this eh?
IB>Thanks to the Klarinet people in advance

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