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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000333.txt from 1996/04

From: OLIVIA HOUNSLEY <C970@-----.EDU>
Subj: Re: Buffet's warranty against cracking
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 21:52:51 -0400

Well, I have a similar story only with a much happier ending. My
parents gave me my first wooden clarinet for Christmas during my 9th
grade year in high school - a Noblet. I was so excited about it, but
when I tried playing it the first time I was so upset because I could
hardly get a sound on it. I'd blow and blow til I turned blue in the
face and the only response was a weak, fuzzy tone. Well, for the next
month (almost to the day!) I kept trying to get a better sound on it.
I just kept thinking that the reason I was getting such a horrible sound
was because I had never played on a wooden clarinet before and that I
just wasn't used to it. Along about January 25 the members of our band
who had made All-Region Clinic headed off for a fun filled weekend and
I was real excited to be one of them for the second year in a row.
However, about half way through the first rehearsal on the second day of
the clinic, I looked down and saw a huge crack on my top joint. I was
so upset because I thought that it was my fault that I didn't oil it
enough during the cold weather we were having. Well, I didn't tell
anyone until I got home because I was embarrassed; then I told my
parents. Anyway, to make a long story short, I ended up taking the
clarinet back to the dealer my parents bought it from and they sent it
back to LeBlanc. A few weeks later I had my new clarinet back and it
played so beautifully and easily, unlike before. I found out that
apparently I had a faulty top joint, because as soon as they replaced it
it was 200% better. And the best thing about it was they didn't charge
me a penny! I guess I got really lucky, but because of this - to this
day - I've always had good things to say about LeBlanc.
Just thought I'd share my happy story!

>This discussion about cracking reminds me of an experience of my teacher's
>that many of you may be interested in. When she bought one of her clarinets,
>it cracked within the first six months of purchase, and Buffet honored the
>warranty -- she had them replace the joint that cracked. She sent back her
>entire clarinet so that they could find a good match for it, and they even
>transfered the keywork from the cracked joint to the replacement. When she
>got her instrument back, however, it was obvious that Buffet took very
>*little* care in matching the joints. Not only was the intonation inaccurate
>with the new joint, but the instrument itself sound completely different --
>it simply wasn't the same clarinet! On top of all that, the replacement
>itself cracked a few months later.
>So when I was concerned about buying my new R-13 without any warranty at
>all, my teacher told me not to worry, that she had very little faith in
>Buffet's warranties. She recommends that if an instrument cracks, even under
>warranty, it's best to take it to a responsible repairman to get it pinned
>instead of leaving it up to strangers at the factory. I'm sure that Buffet
>takes care in hiring good workers, but you never can be sure, can you? Our
>instruments are such important investments...
>Anyway, this was just a story I thought you guys might be interested in. I
>wonder if any of you have had better experiences dealing with Buffet.
>"Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life."

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