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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000278.txt from 1996/04

From: "j.the" <jtsalm@-----.NL>
Subj: just curious
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 20:20:44 -0400

Hello all clarinet-lovers (?),
I'm a Dutch clarinettist playing a Wurlitzer Reform Boehm clarinet. I play
the white master reeds by Vandoren (paris).
What I wanted to know is: are those reeds available in the States? Is it
possible that I can find "old" white master reeds in stores in the States,
due to the fact that "no one" is playing on them? (Why this question, you
might ask: well, I'm looking for older white masters, 'cuase I have the
"theory" that they are of better material. especially the ones of the late
70's and 80's...)
And, BTW, 'cause the dollar ($) is so low for us Europeans, what do you
folks pay for one package Vandoren reeds? (I made a major algebra-thing with
my computer, and we, or I, pay $22 a package!). 'cause, when it's cheaper in
the States, I will have to try to order the reeds out of USA or try to finf
someone who brings them with him while visiting Europe, or something like

I find it rather strange you folks playing the black master, for it was
originally intended for the Austran clarinet. I did not know that youyr
"Bahn" of your mouthpiece (mp?) can handle the small reeds... I tried them
on my mp, wich is rather different from the Austrian mp's and also slightlky
different than the Oehler (German) clarinet, but it did not work, although,
I believe, the students of the solo-clarinet player of the Concertgebouw
Orchestra (Mr Georg Pieterson) play also Black Master on German Reform Boehm cl.
(BTW: there is a vacancie in the Concertgebouworchestra: second clarinet,
but you have to play Oehler or reform Boehm clarinet. You have to play firts
and second movement of Mozart Concerto (don't improvise to much in that
piece!) and first movement of the first sonata by Brahms: quite interesting,
isn't it?

I play the 2,5 reeds (White Mater Vandoren) like the wellknown outstanding
Prof Karl Leister, with a mp with a "very" great tip-opening.

(Are ther outside the Netherlands clarinetplayers who play Reform Boehm,
either the original Wurlitzer, or the Yamaha-one. Is there a rule in for
instance the orchestras in England, France, Skandinavian countries, USA,
South America, wich says that you're not allowed to play on them in those
orchestras - that you have to play on a French clarinet (Selmer, BH, BC?))

Well, al lot of questions, but hereby I want to say that I find it really
great to speak to you all. Is there a newsgroup for clarinettist also...?

Jeroen T. Salm
(Utrecht-The Netherlands)

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