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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000242.txt from 1996/04

From: SEAN <talb4841@-----.EDU>
Subj: why Mozart??
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 16:49:16 -0400

I know I'm going to get jumped on for this, but I thought I would write
it anyway. Why do people get their fur in a snit when someone goes outside the
norm when interprating a piece. I have been to a few different masterclasses
when the teacher said...."you don't have to do it that way.....this guy is
dead so I don't think he is going to care." Seems like the only totaly wrong
interpretation is a non-attempt, non-musical interpretation. Clarinettists
when someone like Stolzman improvs a little on a standard piece. Why???

Sean Talbot

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