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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000233.txt from 1996/04

From: Paolo Ravaglia <peval@-----.IT>
Subj: Re: Scelsi, Australia
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 12:29:14 -0400

Dear Floyd,
the only two tapes I know to exist belongs to
R.A.I. (Italian Broadcasting Corp) and French Radio (after the 3rd
Italian Contemporary Music Festival - Paris 1995) but, believe me
I've always forgotten to ask copies.
Maybe I'll ask for them in the next future.
=46rench people loves Scelsi very much, so, I think, You'll be very successf=

Now I'm busy with new pieces and 'Im waiting for friends from the States.

Bill and Virginia Smith; do you know him?
He always comes in Italy after tourn@-----.

I'm organizing a JAZZ WORKSHOP in June (4 days in Rome) and he'll speak abou=
his improvisation tecniques.

What about Teaching in Australia? I mean Programs and similar.


>Dear Paolo, Thanks for your reply re Scelsi. I'm very pleased to be in touc=
>with the player who did the first public performance in Italy. My
>student,Tony Burr played it in a recital in Chicago in April of 1993 and
>brought me the tape of his performance. That's how I first learned of the
>piece. I liked it so much I learned it and played it several times in
>Brisbane in 1995 and then played it at the 1995 International Clarinet
>Conference in the USA last July. I'll play it again this year in Brisbane a=
>at the Paris Conference in July. I've just started practicing it again
>recently. It should be a bit easier this time.
>Do you have a tape of your performance? Perhaps we could exchange tapes,as =
>would love to hear someone else's playing of the piece.
>I hope your concert in Paris went well,and thanks for the other information
>about Sciarrino.I look forward to hearing from you when you have time. What
>would you like to know about teaching in Australia?
>Floyd Williams
>Queensland Conservatorium of Music
>Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

Paolo Ravaglia Roma Italy

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