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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000054.txt from 1996/04

From: Beltramini Nicole <beltram5@-----.CH>
Subj: A translation on clarinet and Woody Allen.
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 1996 03:47:44 -0500

Hello everybody !!! I'm an 18 year-old Italian girl studying translation in
Geneva University. I personally do not play any instrument and I feel ashame
writing to you :as you probably have more urgent things to do. Yet, I
desperately need your help. I'm currently translating an article, published
on TIME, March 18, 1996 that deals with amateur clarinetist Wooly Allen and
his jazz band, lately on a European tour. Journalist Thomas Sancton
describes M.Allen's music and gives more details on the technique he uses.
Here is an interesting (read incomprehensible) paragraph for which I would
be glad to pick your brains. Could you -please, please- read it and tell me
more about the words or expressions that are between stars (*---*) ?

As for the music, what Allen lacks in in clarinet technique he
makes up in sheer energy and passion. He goes for what he calls a *"crude"
sound*, based on the styles of New Orleans legends like George Lewis, Albert
Burbank and Sidney Bechet. Give him an A for authenticity. Few players today
can boast such a powerful tone. That is due partly to his use of an
extremely hard reed (*Rico No. 5, about one step down from a roof shingle*)
and partly to his penchant for the now obsolete *Albert system of keys and
fingerings*, favored by all the old-timers. When Woody's favorite *horn*
cracked last year, France's Buffet company custommade two Albert systems
for him - the equivalent of Ford turning out a couple of brand new Model Ts.

I hope you can do something for me. Thank you very much,
Nicole Beltramini

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