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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000597.txt from 1996/01

From: "Daniel A. Paprocki" <dap@-----.US>
Subj: Re: Hello Dolly
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 1996 22:02:57 -0500

Is your teacher from Mars?? Why doesn't she have an extra
clarinetist at school sit next to WW II and do the clarinet lines when they
come up? Another option is to copy the clarinet parts from WW II & III and
give them to you to play - copy your sax parts for the other book so
everything is covered. I've done this musical and the sop sax does not
give the right character to the musical.
>A few months back, I asked about the WW parts to Hello Dolly. My teacher just
>got them in, and gave me WW III. However, she also gave the WWII book to
>my friend, a sax player, and wants him to play the clarinet parts on soprano.
>I'm a little annoyed about this since she has me switch off WWII on the longer
>songs, yet I'm assigned to WWIII most of the time. What are your opinions on
>sop sax being used instead of clarinet? Should I be annoyed? Thanks for
>listening to me whine :-)
>Neil Chungfat


Daniel A. Paprocki


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