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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000551.txt from 1996/01

From: Michael D Moors - Alpena <mdmoors@-----.US>
Subj: Re: Buffet's "Green Line" clarinets:info?
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996 12:44:05 -0500


Greenline clarinets are Buffet R13's made of ground up (composite) Grenadilla
wood. With the shortage and upcoming extinction of Grenadilla it is
Buffet's way of making the most of what we have. It isn't important to
select just the right wood. I have tried on and it played well.

Mike Moors

On Fri, 26
Jan 1996, Bill Fogle wrote:

> I'm reading the archives and about late 1994 there was brief discussion
> (involving Clark Fobes and a couple others) of Buffet's "Green Line" of
> clarinets. Does anyone know what this nomenclature refers to? Thanks.
> ********************
> Bill Fogle
> Washington, D.C.
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