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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000537.txt from 1996/01

From: Teri Herel <Herelt@-----.COM>
Subj: Re: Shameless Self-promotion! :)
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 18:28:27 -0500

In a message dated 96-01-25 09:59:47 EST, SDM@-----.EDU (Scott
D. Morrow) writes:

>On the synthesizer note, though, we've got very good synthesizers, and I
>NEVER expect a synthesized sound to replace a real acoustical instrument -
>just to approximate the flavor!)
I do not use very good imitation vanilla extract or very good margerine in my
chocolate chip cookies. While this would indeed save money, the cookies
would taste like approximate crap.

(Just stirring the pot, so to speak.)

I, too, think the purple dinosaur is a waste of good instrument case
upholstering fabric.


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