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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000412.txt from 1996/01

From: John Jarvie <j.jarvie@-----.NZ>
Subj: Large Messages
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 19:39:37 -0500

My apologies for posting a technical message to the whole list, but I
don't know of a generic address for non-automated administrative
problems for Klarinet.

I am experiencing difficulties with long messages from Klarinet which
are being truncated (e.g. digests or archives). My mail system strips
any header information which might identify the offending site on

Is anyone else experincing this problem?

The same problem occurs either using this address or with my
Compuserve account.

Compuserve at least gives me an error, as follows:
Connecting with account 100036,673

Message(s) Received on 1/22/96 at 12:02

355-84094 - Output of your job "100036.673"

355-84095 - Output of your job "100036.673"

355-84115 - File: "KLARINET LOG9502B"

Could Not Receive Message: File: "KLARINET LOG9502A"

Reason: Protocol timed out

HMI Transport Error

Timed out. Resync failed. Host disconnected.

Timed out. Resync failed. Host disconnected.


End of log.


All help greatfully received!

John Jarvie

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