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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000219.txt from 1996/01

From: niethamer@-----.BITNET
Subj: books, catalogues
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 22:35:30 -0500

Pardon the scatter-shot, but these subjects have been on both lists, and
I have some info to share with both groups.

Both lists have discussed music by women composers, and the Norton/Grove
Dictionary of Women Composers was mentioned on Klarinet. It is available
at a discount from:

Daedelus Books
catalogue #80179, $35 (US) = shipping

This is a catalogue worth seeing - remainders, usually at *very* good
prices. I'm a sucker for books, about music, or for my six year old. This
is a great catalogue, with photos of the covers and capsules of the
content of each book - worth the space in your mailbox (IMO).

In perusing my wife's "Flutist Quarterly", I saw the much discussed
Vernon Hill Book in a full page advert, also allegedly at a discount
($39.95, I think, though I don't remember from whom).If there's enough
desire, I'll look up the place for those of you who 1.) missed the ad,
and/or 2.) should belong to NFA but don't!

Lastly, I posted to both lists some months ago regarding music by Isreali
composers. Moshe Epstein was very kind to send me the catalogue of the
Israeli Music Institute, which contained all kinds of wind music, some of
which was mentioned on the two lists by players who knew it. I performed
Paul Ben-Haim's "Pastorale Varie" (cl & piano reduction), and with my
wife, Bloch's "Concertino" for flute, clarinet (alternative to viola) and
piano (reduction). The concert was a success with one of our local
Hadassah chapters. I mention this because I highly recommend getting this
catalogue, which should be easy to do from one of their foreign
distributors. They are (in the US) Theodore Presser, and throughout the
world, from Universal Edition and/or Ricordi (among others).

David Niethamer

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